Team Building: 100 Cup Challenge

Several young people struggle with the concepts of teamwork and effective communication, and sad to say as do adults even after being in the work force for several years. iBrand.Me has noticed the lack of clear concise communication, and one of our favorite activities is building activities. Making cool towers and creative large objects, from simple everyday household items, such as red plastic cups.

This activity would be done in small groups, and in those small groups 100 red cups are given and whichever team comes up with the most creative object would win. Now, notice the key word is “creative”, it would be common for most people to simply stack cups and make a tall tower, but what would be ignited here is the person would comes with the idea to build an elaborate castle, or maybe even a person. By giving simple objects, it makes one look at them in a way they never have before. Pulling out diligence, and making each other use words and open up to the perceptions of other people. Enhancing communication skills, and letting the creativity flow freely, and your brand shine bright. Lastly, it brings a new perspective to the many uses of red cups.


Share with us your thoughts :)

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