Militarizing Ferguson

  Some great articles are attached speaking on the Ferguson riots. The riots are a true reflection of the frustration of the people. The riots have occurred because of the death of a young black man who was shot six times by a police officer after surrendering. He was left in the street for 4 hours without being covered or taken by the coroner. The people of Ferguson became outraged because of the poor tactics of the police.

  The people of Ferguson have now revolted and are rioting, taking property and standing face to face against the police. The police have now treated the citizens as enemies, wearing military gear and carrying tear gas guns. The police are now trying to tame the people of Ferguson as they would a terrorist. The question is, what is the imagery of militarizing the police doing for the causes of the rioting? Militarizing the police makes it seem as if the adversary are the people who want an answer for the violent death in broad day light of a young man. I believe it keeps a broad line between the police and the citizens, as if the death and reasons for anger of the people do not matter as much as the protection of a police officer.

  Though the police officers are to protect and serve, they are easily distracted to the service portion when it comes to the protection of the fellow police officer as opposed to the people. However, rules are rules, and the police may just be following the procedures required when dealing with an “angry” crowd, but the reasons for the anger and the response do not seem to coincide in my opinion. What could be another approach to dealing with frustrated people from the fearful mistakes police officers and other ordinary citizens make daily?

  This topic is truly fascinating because it is going to be a relevant piece of American History in the future. I hope you stay tuned on the outcomes of the incidents in Ferguson, Mo.


 – Brandy L. Williams


Riot Police Man


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