The current hot topic night discussion covered the state of black America. The question posed was, “If you could make one statement to sum your opinion on  one of the following:

How to improve the state of black America?

What is the largest issue in black America?

What is the most prevalent condition of black America?……

What would that statement be?”

Several ideas were posed, from why African-Americans are behind in comparison to other minority counterparts academically and in the work force. The goal was to focus on how to implement change to better the condition of young minorities, and what approach to take. Some said that there should be petition to shows that exploit black women and more display of successful black women to stop to hypersexualization of women, and stopping the oppression to the idea that black women too can be beautiful and educated. An issue black men stated to find themselves struggling with as well, having constantly been portrayed as “hypersexuality beasts,” to sum up the thoughts of two attendees.

Other opinions spiraled from the thoughts of lack of knowledge of history and lack of knowledge of self. The idea that if you do not know who you are, then you can not reach for higher goals and think for yourself. Rather you fold and mold into the opinions of others without knowing, and reach for a lot less than if you understood self value.

No matter if the state of black America is seen as poor, proud, or unreachable. The opinions of several people on how to improve impoverished conditions and bring realization to lack of drive to receive resources or for resources to reach to small communities, is how thought is provoked. The idea of having youth in deep discussions of current events help people provoke thought and bring admiration to the possibility of change and making conditions more manageable to live in. But it starts in the home and with the spark of one mind, young or old.


If you would love to give your opinion on the state of black America, please share it below.




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