Seattle has declared Columbus Day "Indigenous People's Day." Photo by Flickr user nicholasbross

The city council in Seattle has officially ridded of Columbus day and changed it to Indigenous Peoples Day. This has sparked some debate within the community, some saying “What about Italian Americans?” A fair question. The issue with Columbus Day is the idea that he discovered America. To many native Americans, since they were known to inhabit the land before Columbus arrived, he did not discover the land, yet visited and took ownership of the land. Native Americans feel as though Columbus is not a positive piece of American history yet a negative one, and to take time to celebrate the eventual unforeseen torment of him as an explorer is insensitive.

Italian Americans however have comments of feeling proud of Columbus. Italians state the fact that he is a successful explorer none the less and a proud piece of Italian history. And to many others the fact that he had the courage to travel is heroic alone. But what are your thoughts? Is it just to all Americans to change the Holiday name and do away with Columbus Day, or should we stick with our American traditions.


Share with us your thoughts :)

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