John Legend Providing Statistics

iBrand.Me loves facts! And attention being brought to areas of grief. John legend made a beautiful statement at the grammy’s and mentioned some horrific statistics. The statistics he mentioned involving the incarceration rate of black men versus the amount of slaves, 14 years before slavery was abolished, prove that the detriments of slavery affect the black community today, more so than when African people were slaves. The beauty behind John Legends statement is the fact that his words reach more audiences.

John Legend, being a successful musician, may have touched someone whom the average American cannot reach. John Legend, may have sparked some minds and made people pay more attention to the bias of incarceration rates. The thought that should come to most minds is first “wow,” and second “why?” The reasons are plentiful, however the most blatant is that racism still exists in America. Though African-Americans have high numbers of people living in ghettos, they do not commit crimes at higher rates than their white American counter parts, they are just receiving harsher sentences.

When celebrities address these unbelievable statistics, it shows importance because they took their time to mention it, and study it, and show compassion for people that are consistently overlooked. Our question is, what changes would occur if the overlooked populations were looked at and spoke about by the John Legends of the world, bold enough to state their passions and bring justice to unjust situations? What if their were more people willing to bring change to and build communities to support unjust issues? John Legend did his part by mentioning the unbelievable fact of incarceration in America, but what is your part to bring change to unjust system after you have been informed? iBrand.Me believes we are to be the change, and see what petitions we can sign to lighten convictions of young black men in America.


Share with us your thoughts :)

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