R.I.P. Walter Scott
R.I.P. Walter Scott

On April 4th at about 930 a.m. another young black life was taken. The young man was pulled over for a broken tail light, he ran out of the car through a parking lot where he was then hit by a taser. After he was hit by the taser he was then shot in the back. He was unarmed and had not turned and displayed harm to the police officer. Another unarmed black life taken by an officer.

This is a situation we Americans have heard of many times before, but with the wide spread of technology these incidents are being recorded and much more difficult to hide into lost files. The question that has risen amoungst iBrand.Me is, is this a learned behavior or are these police so stressed that they feel threatened by common stresses that they have been trained to deal with. The problem is that young black men seem to be the ones that die at the hand of a police officer more than other ethnicities. And the shooting of Walter Scott was so non chalant (as perceived on the viedo). However, how can the issue of police brutalitly and illegal behavior be addressed before it reaches levels of comfort, in more police departments?

I am unaware of what type of further training can be done to subdue these irrational thoughts. But a true investment in displaying proper training on how to handle a difficult criminal would be sufficient at this point. To give more sensitivity training and cultural diversity understanding would be beneficial. Anything would be beneficial, but to help develop a greater sensitivity whether people are criminals or straight edge. Black or white,  there needs to be a low tolerance for police brutality within the police force to stop the fear of police by citizens, and fear of citizens by the police.


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