Don’t Cash Crop my Cornrows Video

I always commend people when they state their opinion even if it will be controversial. Amandla Stenberg, only sixteen, is poised and well-versed in this video where she discusses white appropriation of black culture. She highlights Miley Cyrus, Iggy Azalea and Macklemore, who have all seen major success by borrowing from black culture. But the most impactful piece of this video is the timely posed question, “what would America be like if we loved black people as much as we love Black culture?”

I love this post because it addresses many topics that are impacting Black America today. Recently we did a hot topic discussion on the State of Black America. Our discussion focused primarily on the deaths of many young black Americans who have been killed and their murderers were not given adequate sentencing for their actions. This has given major attention to the value of Black lives in America. Thus we march and say #blacklivesmatter. Another topic addressed in this video is the image of black women in the media, which we will be discussing in our next hot topic discussion later this month. Miley Cyrus began twerking in 2013, which set the world on fire with this sexualized dance move that seems to be a part of hip-hop culture. But Miley isn’t hip-hop, yet this move has been adopted by young people and black people who make videos of their twerking on social media. Somehow twerking has become an image of hip-hop when it wasn’t even popularized by us. Thus creating negative more negative images of backs in the media. The negative images of black women in the media transcend the positive images that we create in the world. Why is that?

Food for thought.


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