iBrand.Me Young Women’s Professional Development workshop was inspiring, insightful, and uplifting. The strong desire to lead a positive future generation that is well prepared to accomplish goals and proceed through struggles was the motive behind the speakers of the event. The speeches were delivered in very passionate genuinity on the young professional speakers journeys.The topics covered included; Putting your Best Foot Forward, Interview Skills, and Time Management. A guest speaker by the name of Ms. Lesley Cherry also came and gave her input on being a young professional.

The workshop began with a tour by the curator of the very insightful museum. Opening minds and hearts before the workshop began. Mrs. Keyonna Stanford and Ms. Ka’Jahna Johnson both spoke on Putting Your Best Foot Forward and how to be a winner. Some key concepts you certainly missed from the mouths of CIF championship holders.

Next was Ms. Monique Hughes, whom spoke on Interview Skills. A Target HR representative who does hiring and firing. She gave tips and strategies to beating interviews and impressing new companies, a skill set she has been trained to deliver. Ms. Monique was directly followed by Ms. Brandy Williams, whom spoke on Time Management. Ms. Williams, being a student, fitness instructor, contract substitute instructor, and active member of her church certainly balances time well. As she tries to excel in each of these areas the number one area of discussion was self discipline and responsibility, as well as analyzation of self progression.

Our Speaker Ms. Lesley Cherry spoke on her journey to become a LMFT and gave great insight on having a positive network and being disciplined in routine. As well as having a plan to your goal, and sticking to that goal. Overall, the workshop was impeccable. Much respect to those who came, and if you missed this one there are many more to come.


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