Benefits of a Gap Year

gap year

After high school life feels rushed. You are now an adult with8 the obligation to pay bills, work, and go to school. But what are you going to school for? What should you major in? And are you sure that you are going to major in the field you would like to spend your life in. These are questions many young adults struggle with, the article in the link above gives great examples of what to do in a gap year. A gap year will allow time for you to analyze life and gain experience in the work field. You can spend this time volunteering or working, all with the intentions in mind that you will seek what it is you will fill fulfilled doing.

The gap year can be a trap, causing complacency and allowing time for negative self reflections. But with a goal in mind to be seeking building your professional resume and character, only benefits can be gained from such time. Working into management, while taking writing and basic math courses is a step toward excellence. Or possibly joining a trade school to learn a trade that allows you to have a skill set and make your brand worthy.

The gap year is an alternative that allows time for pondering, traveling, and networking. And if done strategically can begin to develop your personal brand a strong foundation.


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