Taking notes in college is an imperative skill to being successful. Notes are helpful for exam preparation in the current course you are in, and helps in learning how to be overall organized. Properly organized notes are a foundation to the structure you will need to move through college efficiently. Notes can obliterate confusion about subjects and due dates. Learning to be organized in the classroom is a skill that will be moved into your professional career. Here are 5 tips to taking notes and loving it.

  1. Proper Materials: The basics you need to be prepared for any course are lined paper, no 2 pencils, and black and blue pens. To be more detailed, having a section in a binder or a given folder for each course is helpful. As well a folder to put handouts.
  2.  Topic Preparedness: Being able to follow along in the book or have a understanding of the name of the topic being taught helps in organization, therefore when you are told the topics or chapters being given on a test you will not be surpirsed. So try to know what is going to be taught in the class ahead of time to ensure youve done the proper reading.
  3.  Listening Skills: Outside of writting down information on powerpoints, or having powerpoints printed ahead of time, you need to be able to write down the detailed explanations a teacher gives that are not in the book. The details listened to and example problems explained are key to what you want to write. These details along with the readings you’ve done will give best comprehension of material.
  4. Question what you do not understand: Notes are no good if you are simply writing things down and not questioning the why of information. It is important to ask question either verbally in glass or during office hours so you can be sure that you understand your notes.
  5. Read Your Notes: The most often forgetten part of proper notetaking is reading the notes you’ve written. If you read the notes then you will have special attention to what you do not understand from previous lectures and get these uncertainties answered. This also ensures a more conceptual understanding of class material.


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