Importance of Teenagers Working

Everyone has the story of their first job. Many being from major coroporations such as Macy’s, McDonalds, or chain movie theaters. The idea of having an entry level job is a screeching one to many adults after evolving into the professional realm. But those humble beginnings develop a character than can not be forgotten.

Working during high school or college give a since of responsibility. Learning to be on time, to have excellent customer service skills, and to work in submission to rules that you may not completely agree with. On top of the character building is money management and the ability to spend on bills and leisure activities, and having a healthy balance of them both.

The idea of working in high school or college has dropped since 2000 as stated in the article link above. This could be due to the lack or jobs, or the lack of willingness to work a service job that is not often “ideal” to many. However, the lessons learned through the responsibility make it essential to work young. Building a stronger network and branding oneself as efficiently as possible, this can never be done to early.

The writer of this time magazine article gives some statistics and insight on the importance of working in high school and college.

Importance of Teenager Working, Time Magazine



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