The algebra workshop reviewed basic concepts that often lead to lack of understanding of in depth algebra. A interesting note was the lack of elementary math that is missing from the students. Time had to be spent reviewing multiplication before reviewing fractions. Be it that the students were in a grade level to learn algebra, they had a hard time understanding 4th grade mathematical concepts.

It was evident that some students were able to move on in a subject category in spite of lack of foundational skills such as multiplication and division. The workshop identified areas of struggle which and addressed them. This is always the goal of any tutoring lesson and it served its purpose.

Below are some activities done at the workshop.

alg wkshp photo3

Above the curator of the African American Museum of beginnings in Pomona is giving a tour of the museum.

algebra workshop phot

Here our young scholar is using skittles as visual aides to comprehend fraction word problems.

algebra wrkshop photo

Above we have a adult who is using the free workshop as a starter point to sharpen his mathematical skills to enter into the field of education. The student is using playing cards to develop PEMDAS equations which were solved by him then taught to the group. Implying the idea that if you teach it then you know it.




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