In this thought provoking interview Simon Sinek shares some wisdom about the challenges millennials encounter and cause. Millennials are people born between 1982-2002 that are to take over the workforce of baby boomers. Sinek speaks on the impact of booming social media and faulty reward systems and how is has impacted the workplace.

Sinek gives a detailed opinion of how millennials are slightly lazy and narcissistic. Saying that many millennials are used to instant gratification from the addiction to social media and the building of a generation whom receive rewards simply for participating. What is ultimately missing from the millennial generation is work ethic.

The video is slightly controversial. Stating that millennials are addicted to social media has caused some back lash. He believes that millennials should be more patient and enjoy the journey of entering the workforce, and overcome the sense of entitlement. Simon Sinek might be slightly controversial, but he certainly is wise.



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