MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR, sitting in the Jefferson County Jail, in Birmingham, Alabama, 11/3/67. Everett/CSU Archives.

Today is Martin Luther King Day. A  Day of rest in America, a day or recognition to one of the most influential people of all time. The day being set aside to respect the legacy of Dr. King is essential to understanding the greatest progressions of African-Americans, the beginning of the ending of legal segregation.


Segregation was a major political topic of the 50s and 60s in America. Many southern governors were in favor of segregation of African-Americans from adequate resources. Adequate enough to allow true progress of African-American people in the America. Black people were not given sufficient school supplies or job opportunities. Black people were not allowed to eat in certain areas of restaurants or stay at certain businesses, because they were allowed to be discriminated against to allow the comfort of those in fear of black people living the violent stereotypes they’ve scripted in their minds. It was truly a shameful fallacy that was allowed to be portrayed through laws in southern states and across the united states.


Dr. King was outwardly against the oppression of black people in America. King was an excellent speaker and fought for equality in all areas where black people were not equal. King supported restaurant sit-ins, bussing segregation, housing segregation, voting rights, work placement, state college attendance, and the consistent injustice in the courtroom. What I recently come to realize is why king was successful.


King was successful because first, he had a fearless team with many different talents. King was a preacher and able to deliver a message. But with him were men who specialized in organizing, marketing, law and political strategists. King never had a large church nor was he as popular alive as he is today. But it was the mixture of minds to reach a common goal that motivated them all. 97251900.jpg

King organized through mass marketing from flyers distributed in markets to announcements in classrooms. Consistent communication through teachers and churches. They would drive down the street and make speakerphone announcements. He would demonstrate in areas that were known to have violent police forces, to allow media presence, and spread the image of what was happening int he segregated south around the world.


Dr. King succeeded through his calm demeanor and consistent belief that change could happen. He rejected the obvious wrongs of society and calmly marched across states in massive crowds to let it be known that people will not tolerate the illicit behavior of the government against any people. King brought attention to the fowl character of the government and an image to people across the world. He worked in love for the progress of black people, and that love is still being emitted today through believers of Dr. Kings dream.



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