As of January 20th 2017 we have a new president. Donald J Trump has become the 45th president of the United States and the response has been quite unique. Thousands of people stood in barely bare-able weather to wave in delight of the president from Capitol Hill to the White House. While several another several thousand protested against the policies President Trump has promised to implement.


For the people in favor of Trump, they feel that he is going to bring jobs back to communities that have struggled for several decades with the loss of industrial jobs. Many of these cities are in the midwest, and they used to produce items in America, which are now being outsourced to different countries. Trump promises to bring these jobs back and provide income in America, along with new health care policies.

Many trump supporters were not in favor of the Obama care that was implemented the last 4 years of our democracy. And for reasons that seemed apauling to many. Republicans are in disfavor of Obamacare for ideological reasons, such that those who can afford insurance, pay a higher premium to pay for the subsidies of the government programs, this is viewed as a government meddling of doctor-patient relationships. People against Obama care also feel that the economics do not stack up. The number of people with insurance has dropped, making the price of Obamacare higher and many young healthy Americans may not want insurance, making the system collapse.


While there are reasons to be in favor of the Trump Republican party, protestors are not buying into the parties rhetoric. Trump promises to handle crime with a “law and order” approach. The same that we saw with Nixon in the 1970s and led to the arrest of low socioeconomic and little educated minorities in America. This approach has raised the amount of people in prison, particularly black and latino people.


Not only are protestors against the injustices of policing in minority communities, but also against the “attack” on women’s rights. These are the reproductive rights and such as brith control and abortions, that were fought for desperately during the late 60s and early 70s. If these rights are taken from women it is believed that we take a negative step back into history, and the many advances of women in the workforce may subside.

The American people have many reasons to be for and many reason to be against
Trump. His for week of presidency has had a powerful response from people all of the world, we hope to see peace and progress in our Nation as we continue to grow and develop young professionals.


Share with us your thoughts :)

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