Minimalism is a new hot topic among millenials. Many young adults are opting to buy cheaper groceries, minimizing house sizes, buying electric cars. Sustainability is gaining attention and being ingrained in daily life practices of many people. Here are 5 tips on living frugal. Not your ordinary pieces of information on frugality, but certainly beneficial. All articles were found on a popular barganing blog:

  1. Buy Furniture in January or July: January and July are the months that stores are riding of furniture to make way for new seasonal furniture. Many people do move in the summer or beginning of the year. It is wise to pay attention when to invest in new necessities. Click Link: When to buy furniture
  2. Use Vinegar: Vinegar has many benefits other than to detoxify your body. Vinegar can be used as a cleaning utensil and an air refresher. Clink Link: everyday Vinegar Use Recipes
  3. Use “Old” Fruit for sauces or desert: Wasting food is one of the planets biggest sustainability issues. Food scarcity could be resolved by making use of what we consider “rotten” food. Browning bananas can be made into banana bread, and rotting apples can be formed into cinnamon apple slices. Click Link: Apple Recipes
  4. Earn some extra cash: In today’s job market sometimes one job is not enough. Or the simple career that brings purpose to your life does not bring in enough cash. There are many ways to fulfill your purpose and be able to fund your lifestyle. Tutoring or service driving are just a few of many ideas. Clink Link:15 Side Jobs
  5. Save Money on Air Conditioning: Sustaining energy is essential to keep down bills and not overuse non-renewable energy resources. Clink Link: Air Conditioning Costs

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