iBrand.Me is a non-profit created in 2010 by a group of young college graduates hoping to see progress in their hometown, Inland Empire.  iBrand.Me targets minority students in the Inland Empire for specific reasons. One being the lack of success in academia and career oriented goals.

As of 2015, in San Bernardino County African-American youth have the second highest drop out rate right ahead of Native American students. Only 26% of African American students are eligible for UC/CSU. 14% of African American, 18% Native American and 19% of Latino students are at grade level in mathematics. 26% African-American, 32% Latino, and 29% of Native American students are proficient readers writers.

The reasoning for these disparities differ. But a solid indication is poverty. In San Bernardino County it is more likely for a family to live in poverty if they have less than a high school education or are single parent homes. iBrand.Me hopes to obliterate the statistical outcome of the Inland Empires Youth.

The goal of iBrand.Me is to enhance academic and career awareness through creative workshops. We hope to develop a healthy community through mentorship to a passion driven self-brand.


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